Meet the team of people who run CMAS!

  • To contact us, feel free to reach out to our VP External or our Events team!

President: Xavier Haziza

VP Internal: Declan McCloskey

VP External: Monica Paul

VP Finance: Naomi Yakubovich

VP Services: Cynthia Cairns

Events Directors: Grace Smith + Maxim Kari

Publications Director: Liz Antifave

Office Director: Jaime tenBrinke

Inventory Director: Liam Downey-Pollard

Merchandise Director: Piper Stuempl

Technical Director: Sam Raab

4th Year Rep: Jules Breau

3rd Year Rep: Jaden Desveaux

2nd Year Rep: Lex Buchanan

1st Year Reps: Chris Goodman, Jack Tremblay-Lessard, Hayley Ross